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Welcome to our NEW Brand TheBattalion.tv Network a Streaming Video Platform.

Brand-Marketing Advertising

“The Battalion – The Series” a True Reality & Truly Unscripted Firefighter/1st Responder on the Internet; has been produced by Tule Fog Productions, LLC, and a small family owned boutique Production Company founded in 1996 in Northern California.

“The Battalion – The Series,” our trademark web-series, launched on the Internet in May of 2007. NOW one of the longest continually running True Reality and Truly Unscripted Web Series in the world, now with viewers in 48 Countries.

From that date, we have enjoyed over FIVE (5) MILLION VIEWS to our website.

It is time for your company to seriously think about a Brand Market Advertising Campaign with this series.

Streaming Videos is not the wave of the future, it is the norm; and it is 24/7. 

The Broadcast of 13 shows in 13 weeks; un-presidented in our industry.

A Broadcast Story about our Streaming Videos in September 2013, this is how we use viral vides to get over One-Half-Million- Viewers in a short period of time. Not even the major production companies on television produce "13 Shows in 13 Weeks.” This was an amazing run with video-webisodes from across of North America as well as our 9/11 Dedication Special.

Streaming Videos is where you find most of the eyeballs these days as you know; we have been streaming videos on most every video venue platform since 2008. Not only the young firefighters, but also some of the older seasoned firefighters have caught up to technology of computers and the Internet.

Every Chief and decision maker uses the Internet to Source the needs for their department and their family.

Social Media:

Most professionals for several years as well as Officers have used LinkedIn and now Professional 1st Responders and young men and women wanting to join the ranks are on LinkedIn.

Facebook has become more of a personal family venue and the fire service is a Family, we just launched a new “Firefighter Series” page on Face book now being managed by one of our new Producers.

Our current Twitter handle: “The_Battalion” has grown organically over the past few years to over 5,000 followers; we plan to find more time in 2016 to leverage this platform.

We use nearly all of social-media platforms, and continue to gain knowledge and the staff to leverage all of their capabilities. 

I am sure you see firefighters with their phones scrolling, Once our new


Our team started the development of our new website on November of 2014 in hopes of launching in February of 2015. The challenge was overwhelming. We found it took a total of 16 hours to convert each of our shows that were in 520P, a low resolution, to full HD for our new website, with 170 videos, this process ran 24/7 from November to September of 2015, creating the website, that’s a different story and all will be told on the new Tule Fog Productions web-site in the coming moths


September 11, 2015; Our NEW Interactive Website
TheBattalion.tv Network launched in it’s First-Phase. www.TheBattalion.tv

The First Phase of our new website has many new features:
Channels: viewers can find their favorite shows but what they want to watch the most and we make it easy with our Fire, Rescue and EMS Channels.

  • Training Channel: Battalion LIVE Broadcasts every week with Professional Trainers where as each one has a specific discipline and curriculum.
  • Series Channel: This Channel is the access to All Series from ALL Regions as well as our Specials and upcoming Mini-Series.
  • Indie-Producer Channel: 1st Responders from around the world can have their own Battalion Channel on our website driving their viewers to our site. Battalion LIVE Broadcasts may be featured.
  • LIVE Channel: Live broadcasts during production where you may find the Chief of the Department LIVE On-Air talking about whatever subject matter they choose on an Ad-Hoc basis.
  • Production Channel: This is where Battalion Members can watch and interact with members of our Production Team as they set-up and film the series with each department.
  • Non-Profit Channel: This channel is designed for any Non-Profit to present their foundation to our viewers. Sometime in 2016, they will have complete control to talk about what they are doing and events they may be holding.
  • Firehouses: This has been an organic page since 2009 on the old site. Firefighters seem to find it and post their departments; we will be expanding on this in future updates on this site.
  • Contest Channel: Our video contest consists of Battalion Members submitting their “Helmet camera Videos,” their Phone or Camera “On-Scene” videos and Videos produced by “Independent Producers” under our Indie Producer Channel.
  • Schedule:

    All shows previously broadcast and upcoming shows being broadcast.


    Since 2007, anyone could view our content without signing in and we had very little tracking. That has all changed. Anyone can cruise around our entire website, and they can watch content on our Home-Page, but to watch the over 100 videos, meet and engage with our Professional Trainings or participate in any activity such as our Battalion LIVE Broadcasts, they must become a Battalion Member, it’s always FREE and they can Interact and watch every video for FREE.

    Additional DISTRIBUTION IN 2016

  • In August of 2015, Pennwell Fire Group and Tule Fog Productions, LLC signed a Strategic Marketing Alliance across several of their platforms.
  • September 29th, “The Battalion – The Series” launched on FireEnginerring.com that Features our video-webisodes that focus on both training on the training grounds and “Real-Life-Training” on the fire ground; you will find us under “Resource.” All videos in this distribution is designed to drive viewers to our website.
  • February of 2016, Wonderful World Media will launch our series with the “Columbus Division of Fire” launches ON-DEMAND via Comcast to Twenty (20) Million Homes across America. All shows in this distribution is designed to drive viewers to our website. Contact one of our Producers to learn more as to how your company can advertise with us on these channels.
  • June 1, 2016, the launch of our “Fire-Rescue-EMS Channel” on ROKU to Fifteen (15) Million Television Set-Top Boxes as well as every SMART Television in the US.

    Times have changed as to the nature of the Internet and how its Users use it.

People in general are longer going to websites that overwhelm their eyes with flashing banners ads, in fact, most know how to turn them off in their Google Browser, used by 90% of the public, using GOOGLE’S AD BLOCK.

    Peel back pages and drop-down pages are very annoying to most.


We film with hundreds of firefighters and we do watch and log their habits. 

Our studies have shown, AND, we poled over 200 firefighters while filming since 2014; they are not clicking on banner ads to find anything; do you? 

We do find the firefighters sitting around with their face in their phone, and independent studies show they are watching videos, very view take the time to read data.

    We believe that banner ads are slowly going away, and for now; we call ours “Battalion Wall Ads” and we believe that a photo of your product works best in this “Brand Marketing” arena. 

    A quote from marketing at both Honeywell and KME, “we have not used banner advertisements for nearly two years”. 

You have an opportunity to Brand your company with the hottest thing to support the fire service in years. 

The new young upcoming firefighters and 1st Responders are no longer reading magazines. 

    The young firefighters that found us back in 2007 and 2008, such as the firefighters in Prince Georges County Fire/EMS, are now Captains.

    In the Case of Fire Chief Jason Robitille, the Chief of the Consolidated Fire Department in California, one of our new series, he is also one of our trainers, we found out when we started filming his department…he’s been a fan for years.

    Film Production:

    On-the-road: Our New Website has a featured “Production Channel” where viewers can watch the crew as they set up to film and in some cases, may be able to watch them film with departments across North America.

    Our Film Production Schedule for 2016.
    Coming Soon