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Brand and Market your company, your products and your services with the “TheBattalion.tv Networks” new Interactive website.

Streaming Videos is where you find most of the eyeballs these days. Not only the young firefighters, but the older seasoned firefighters as well; they have caught up to technology; they have had too.

They are all on Instagram, Vine and Twitter. As professionals, Officers are on LinkedIn. Facebook has become more of a personal family venue.

We do not want our viewers to go to Facebook, we want them to go to our website. We use all the streaming video websites to drive them there.

Streaming Videos is not the wave of the future, it is NOW the norm; and it’s 24/7.

I am sure you see firefighters with their phone in their hand as they scroll and scroll checking in on family, friends and then watch videos. Yes, we are developing a Mobile App in 2015.

Sad to say, but gone are the days where the firefighters played sports in the back of the station. Pool and card tables have been removed, and in most fire departments computer stations have been installed.

Yes, firefighters can be found on their laptops, but what are they looking at? We have found that most of the time, they are doing mandatory training or looking up websites to make personal purchases.

They are not going to the websites that overwhelm their eyes with flashing banners ads, in fact, most know how to turn them off in their browser such as Google.

Peal back pages and drop-down pages are very annoying to most, nor are the scrolling through the links to find articles.

We film with hundreds of firefighters and we do watch and log their habits.

Our studies have shown that they are not clicking on banner ads to find anything; do you?

We find the firefighters all sitting around with their face in their phone, and independent studies show they are watching videos.

We believe that banner ads are going away, and for now; we call our’s “Battalion Wall Ads” and we believe that a photo of your product works best in this “Brand Marketing” arena.

Tule Fog Productions “The Battalion - The Series.” has been the leader in video streaming for the fire service since 2007, now with over 179 videos with departments from across North America on-demand.

It is time to take a real look at TheBattalion.tv and our new Network.

You have an opportunity to Brand your company with the hottest thing to support the fire service in years.

The new young upcoming firefighters and 1st Responders are no longer reading magazines.

Are you ready to reach 1 million viewers?

Although "The Battalion" reaches the same audience as conventional media such as popular magazines, from demographic perspective, the reach of "The Battalion is much broader and deeper.

By the distribution of our "webisodes" across numerous channels "The Battalion - The Series" has reached in excess of 1 million unique viewers across all platforms- a number that dwarfs all of the major industry magazine's circulation combined.

Our Story:

This is the short version; Tule Fog Productions, LLC, began filming our series with the San Francisco Fire Department in 2003.

Now, our series is the source for what is happening across North America, but have viewers in (48) forty-eight countries as well. We were the first to offer “Real Life Training” with our series in both San Francisco and Washington D.C. in 2008.

From Mexicali Mexico to Canada, from San Francisco to New Jersey, Tule Fog Productions LLC has delivered over One-Hundred and Seventy-Nine (179) video- webisodes that are On-Demand 24/7 to viewers around the world.

The Battalion is bringing you the latest news via are partner FireRescue1.com and some of the latest Real-Life Training in the fire service with the men and women who serve to save lives and protect property. The NEW Battalion.tv Network is what we have always been about; The Job.

On-the-road Production… From incident to broadcast.

While filming with Westampton Emergency Services in New Jersey, we caught the fire at the Jersey Shore. Working with our Post-Production Team located in California, within seven days from filming the incident; we broadcast that video-webisode of the Boardwalk Fire in New Jersey as part of our Westampton New Jersey series, Check it out! HERE

The Broadcast of 13 shows in 13 weeks; un-presidented in our industry.

Not even the major production companies on television produce "13 Shows in 13 Weeks.” This was an amazing run with video-webisodes from across of North America as well as our 9/11 Dedication Special. Just click on this link to view the schedule and watch the videos: SCHEDULE
Ending our location productions in 2014 for our 2015 Season, one of the locations we filmed while in Alberta Canada was with the ValleyView Fire Department.

Current Production Schedule for 2015

We are in Pre-Production to film in these locations, some with specific training modules including “Battalion LIVE Feed” web broadcasts.


On the 19th, we return for pick-up shots with Fresno fire at Station 11.
On the 20th, we begin filming a NEW series for our West Coast Region with the Calaveras County Consolidated Fire Department in Valley Springs California in the beautiful the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. http://calcofire.org/


Possibility of filming High-Angle Rope Rescue and Mountain Medicine with an elite group of 1st Responders in the Colorado Mountains.


This is tentative; Australia, Great Britain or Scotland.


We are back in Alberta Canada for a two-week shoot.


We return to Calaveras County California over there holiday season.


Where we will back in Cortez Colorado filming 24/7 for two weeks; this shoot will focus on their Lighting Strike Season where sometimes they have got up to seventeen tree fires within twelve hours; this should be interesting.


Production Crews are on vacation.







International in Pre-Production:

Our First New Location for 2016 will be in Australia where Principal Photography will begin during their fire season in February. Currently schedule is filming at several of their airports and their world-class air-show.

The Battalion has a NEW look!

Tule Fog Productions, LLC, the Producers of "The Battalion, The Series" has been hard at work for nearly two-years in the development of our new "Face" and "Brand."

We are now "TheBattalion.tv Network" What does this mean for the users? This new design will give users fast access to the webisodes they want using our new Fire Channel, Rescue Channel, EMS Channel and our new Interactive "Training Channel" on demand and in TRUE HD as well as all Formats when available. What does this mean for your products? Partnership with TheBattalion.tv Network will give you exclusive access to have your brand name and product placement in the series and on the desktops, laptops, tablets or any mobile device of our users - World Wide.

Our new Interactive "Trainers Channel" will feature both Trainers and Mentors from Departments across North America. More on that during the launch in May of 2015.